4 States Shooters Supply, LLC


"Those who hammer their
guns into plows will plow
for those who do not."
~ Thomas Jefferson


UPDATE, 08/25/15.   The new location Firearms license arrived today.  The move will probably take about 3 weeks.  We'll keep you advised.

   Hello all, we'd like to announce a pending change of ownership and location for the store. The owners have offered to sell the business to Brandon Kelley, our Assistant Manager. Brandon is planning to offer employment to the current staff. He's planning to relocate the store in Joplin. The store will likely reopen early October at 826 S Main, Joplin. We've got to do a bunch of paperwork for ownership, address, ATF, etc. If you have guns in gunsmithing, have... special orders or NFA paperwork pending, Brandon will be in contact with you shortly. Send a PM if you have questions regarding your stuff at the store. We will provide announcements as they develop.

      The current owners are pretty excited. It feels gratifying to provide a sweet deal to a worthy employee. We all have other interests and businesses we are pursuing.

      So . . . soon you'll have the same great inventory to choose from, same great staff in a new location. Please join the current owners in wishing Brandon and his staff well in their new business.

Thank you,

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